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Castlewood Fence
The Other Guys
Why Us?: Service

We Only Use The Highest Quality Nails

Here at Castlewood:

 We always use rust-resistant Galvanized nails – they're thicker, stronger, and won't rust. We refuse to use nails that compromise the strength and longevity of your fence.

A common tactic used by some companies in the fencing industry is to use subpar nails to try and lower prices. Which has unfortunate consequences for customers. Roofing Nails and Un-galvanized Nails lead to rust, aren't as strong, and can be half the size we use.

"They" Use Second Rate Nails

We Never "Skip-Nail"

Every Nail Counts

Here at Castlewood:

Not only do we use the best nails, but we don't cheat clients out of strong fence. We use a total of six 3" galvanized ring shank nails on each rail, and a total of six 2" nails on every picket.


The 'other guys' cut corners by using less nails. They might use only one nail per picket, and two nails per rail. 

"They" Use Skip Nailing

"They" Use Smooth Shank Nails

Nail Type Matters

Most companies try to get away with using "Smooth Shank Nails", which compromise the ability of the nail to hold onto the wood. Smooth nails easily pull out of wood, which can result in wood naturally pushing nails back out.

Here at Castlewood:

We always use "Ring Shank Nails" – they're stronger and hold tight. They make the difference between a fence that stands strong in a Colorado wind storm, and one that falls over.


"They" Can't Keep It Straight

It's The Difference Between a DIY & An Expert

Not completely sold on the adage that 'you get what you pay for'? The other guys might be able to beat our price, but what you'll end up getting is a roller coaster of a fence. Drive around town, you'll quickly know what we mean. We know you don't like dealing with other peoples hack jobs – Neither do we. Choose Castlewood Fence the first time around and you can be confident the job will get done right.

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